Our Solutions

Here you can find few applications of our technology

Empowering Sales Teams

Manage collectively all the accounts of your organization though the Admin Dashboard

Tailor your Exibero profile to the specific client that you are about to meet

• Share not only your contact, but also a brochure, a calendar event, a website, etc...

Decrease the costs associated with the purchase of traditional business cards

• Track the effectiveness of the team thanks to insightfull analytics

Conferences, Events and Trade Fairs

Share contact details, presentations and much more through your Exibero profile

Avoid collecting countless paper business card. Instead, receive all of them by email

Full compatibility: no need for the other person to have an Exibero account

• Forgot your Exibero card home? Don't worry, use your phone to share your Exibero profile

Client Meetings

Make a great first impression by sharing everything with a tap of the Exibero card

Register your contact details directly on the phone of your clients

• Forget both the risk that your business card gets lost by your client and that you forget it

A wide array of applications is supported

The few use cases listed above are surely not exhaustive! Do you want to share something? Anything in mind? Whatever is the use you are thinking of, the chances are that Exibero can do it! Contact us if you need any help, our team will be more than happy to help you 💪

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