Our Solutions

Here you can find few applications of our technology

Exibero for Professionals

Share your contact card in less than a second during a business meeting

Share an event and register it directly in the calendar of your client

Share a presentation with a single tap

Request a payment by connecting your Paypal account

Share the website/socials of your company

Exibero for Universities

• Equip students with an Exibero card and enhance their networking skills

• Let students share their CV and contact with employers during a career day

• Allow your students to network inside and outside of the university

Collect data and get ready-to-use analytics on your students

Exibero for Restaurants

Track the performance of your employees (waiters) by giving them an Exibero card

• Let your employees share your menu with a tap or a QR code

Share coupons and vouchers with your clients and implement marketing activities

• Share all your social media profiles and website

Suggest your client the best dish of the day

Exibero for Sales Teams

Track the performance of your salesforce and make them more efficient

• Let your sales people make a great first impression with clients by showcasing their Metal Exibero card

• Allow them to share everything they want with a single tap, from a brochure to their contact

• Let your salesforce directly register their contact in the client’s phone with a single tap

Exibero for Influencers

Share all your social media profiles at the same time, with just a tap

• Make a great first impression and make them willing to know more about you

Share the next event or party you will participate in with a single tap (directly recording it in the calendar)

• Instantly share all the products that you are affiliated to or that you are sponsoring

Share your videos and art, and let everyone know who you are using your personal description  

A wide array of applications is supported

The few use cases listed above are surely not exhaustive! Do you want to share something? Anything in mind? Whatever is the use you are thinking of, the chances are that Exibero can do it! Contact us if you need any help, our team will be more than happy to help you 💪

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